July 5, 2012, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Simba Energy Inc. (“Simba” or the “Company”)(TSXV: SMB, Frankfurt: GDA, OTCQX: SMBZF), is pleased to announce that the Company participated in a stakeholders meeting held on July 2nd in Wajir, the largest community within the Company’s Block 2A concession area, onshore Kenya.

Approximately fifty people were in attendance including local district commissioners and councillors for the three regions comprising Block 2A (Wajir East, Wajir West and Wajir South), with members of the local business community and people from local villages also in attendance. Simba’s management visited the region to formally introduce the Company to the citizens of Wajir and the local districts and to establish a good working relationship as part of its appraisal for Block 2A’s hydrocarbon potential.

Simba’s Managing Director of Operations, Hassan Hassan and other Company officials were graciously welcomed by both dignitaries and citizens in attendance. After the Company’s presentation of its plans for the exploration and potential development on Block 2A the Company heard concerns about both employment opportunities for local citizens as well as any possible detrimental environmental impact from the work to be carried out in the area.

The Company emphasized its universal policy of hiring as many local people as possible and also confirmed that local labour from Wajir and surrounding districts had already been hired for short-term activities. Further commitments were made during the meeting to minimize any environmental impact, work closely with the community on all local matters, while keeping everyone properly informed of the Company’s current and future activities going forward.

Simba’s Hassan Hassan said, “It was very gratifying to be welcomed so warmly by the people and local officials in Wajir and surrounding communities. The stakeholders meeting was very important both for us to introduce ourselves but also to listen and understand particular local concerns. We are confident going forward with our activities in a cooperative manner and hope to make a significant contribution as a new member of the community.”

About Simba Energy Inc.

Simba Energy is a Vancouver, B.C. based oil and gas exploration company focusing on under explored overlooked basins in its pursuit of hydrocarbon opportunities in Africa (currently Liberia, Mali, Guinea, Ghana and Kenya). The Company’s Senior Management believes these regions have shown increased promise for the development of new hydrocarbon deposits and therefore aims to leverage its expertise and affiliations to pursue, secure and develop strategic assets that demonstrate high potential for drilling and or production operations; and to do so in a manner of best practices and to the betterment of those communities where it operates.

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