Simba Essel Energy In Kenya

Kenya, Block 2A

Simba Essel holds a 100% interest in the PSC for Block 2A, onshore in Kenya. Block 2A (7,801.72 km2) overlies the southern tip of the Mandera basin while the southwest corner of the block extends into the Anza basin. Block 2A has excellent potential for oil and gas discoveries.

Block 2A, FTG Preliminary Gravity Anza Basin

Block 2A, Seismic Survey Result

Simba Essel has ascertained the hydrocarbon potential at its three targets on Block 2A (P1, P2, and P3). The company first conducted a passive seismic survey to identify areas of hydrocarbon potential, which was followed by a 2D seismic survey to assess structure definition.

The passive seismic data confirmed that target P1 was comprised of two distinct and sizeable leads with excellent hydrocarbon response lying east and south-south-east of the city of Wajir. The first lead in P1 (with an area of 29km²) demonstrated the highest level of hydrocarbon seismic energy interpreted of all seven potential leads identified by the survey. The second and likely related lead is over 100km² in size with good response for hydrocarbon potential and lies from 8km to over 20km to the southwest.

Simba Essel is currently re-interpreting all available data while also initiating baseline environmental work to support the design and planning of a new seismic acquisition program. The passive seismic data is of high quality and is expected to correlate well with existing 2D seismic during processing. The final report and interpretation are expected soon.


Source Rock

The Mandera basin is Permo-Triassic to Tertiary in age with a sediment thickness of 10,000m. Potential source rock interval is mid Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous and comparable with the larger Mandera-Lugh basin in Ethiopia and Somalia.


Only four wells have been drilled in the Mandera basin, with oil shows encountered at 40-44m in the Tarbaj stratigraphic well drilled by Total

Oil & Gas Shows

In the Anza basin, lower Cretaceous reef structures have been mapped with a potential reservoir thickness of 300m-500m. Source rock is likely Lower Cretaceous.  The eleven wells drilled in the Anza basin have encountered oil shows and/or gas shows.

Regional Seismographic Coverage

Existing regional 2D seismic coverage identified numerous structures and a major stratigraphic pinch-out. The seismic coverage available indicates a stable stratigraphic sequence with some very good exploration leads.

Exploration Interest

The flank of the basement high structure continues to be of exploration interest to Simba Essel. Two AMOCO wells drilled in 1987 (ELGAL#1 to 1,280m in Permian Karroo and ELGAL#2 to 1,908m in Triassic Karroo) were plugged and abandoned as no reservoir rocks were encountered.

Rock Maturity

The area of the block overlying the Mandera basin is of particular interest as the analysis of the oil from the seeps at Tarbaj indicates a source rock maturity for the Mandera basin which is well within the oil window.