Community Involvement

Simba Essel is committed to ensuring the welfare of the communities that host its operations, and has developed a corporate social responsibility programme.

Simba Essel Energy Humanitarian Society

In Liberia, Simba Essel is working with the Government to help reduce poverty. The company has created the Simba Essel Energy Humanitarian Society, a non-profit society which supports the social welfare of communities in the Grand Bassa and Margibi counties.

The society’s mission is to contribute to a better way of life for local people by providing medical, educational and nutritional resources.

In Marshall City, Margibi county, the society has already provided support and funding for social programs. Its activities include:
  • Repairing water wells;
  • Provided medical clinics with prescription medicines and medical supplies;
  • providing schools with provisions including generators, fuel vouchers, vaccinations and other supplies
  • establishing a co-op program with the University of Liberia to provide students with seminars on oil and gas exploration & development, while also providing students with the opportunity to conduct field work for the Company

Simba Essel is also committed to improving the welfare of school children in Grand Bassa. The company has renovated school structures, pit latrines and hand pump wells, and has also donated chairs and instructional materials to schools in the county.

Medical Supplies

Since 2011, the society has donated medical supplies to clinics in the Margibi and Grande Bassa Counties, including the Owensgrove Clinic, the Bokay Town Clinic, the Little Bassa Clinic and the Mike M. Baydoun Clinic.