Simba Essel in Chad

Simba Essel has signed a PSC with the Republic of Chad for a 100% interest in three prospective oil and gas blocks within the Doba, Doseo and Erdis basins.

The PSC for all three blocks has a first exploration phase of five years and a second exploration phase of three years. The first exploration phase requires geological and geophysical studies, including processing and reinterpretation of existing 2D seismic. It also includes acquiring at least [750km2] of new 2D seismic data and 400 kmĀ² of 3D seismic (or 2D equivalent) data to determine the range of possible drilling opportunities for the second phase that requires two exploration wells.

Chad: Chari Sud Blocks I & II, Erdis Block III

  • Erdis Block III is 15,700km2
  • Significant current production already exists and substantial potential remains underexplored
  • Chari Sud Block I is 6,400km2
  • Southern 50% of Chari Sud Block II is 3,711km2
  • Both of the Chari Sud Blocks lie just south of producing oil fields
  • Gravity and magnetic surveys across both Chari Sud Blocks I & II, along with existing 2D seismic, indicate the same basin morphology as the producing fields

Chad: Chari Sud Blocks I & II Prospectivity

Chad: Main Basin Features

Source Rocks & Seal (seal and effective source rock)
  • Infracambrian
  • Early Silurian Shades
Reservoir Rocks
  • Think Cambro-Ordovician & Devonian sands can act as good reservoir rocks
Cap Rock
  • Marine shales: Silurian (for Cambro-Ordivision Res.Rock)
  • Marine shales: Late silurian (for Unconventional Traps?)
  • Fluvial Shales: Tadarat Formation (for Devonian Res.Rock)
  • Seismically tilted fault block
  • Stratigraphic